Thursday, December 30, 2004


This is the first entry in my blog. I plan to use this to keep up to date with my news, thoughts and whatever else springs to mind.

We are busy getting ready for the New Year in Miami, we will be flying out at the crack of dawn and expecting to see the sun rise the following day. Not quite sure how we will manage it!!! Flight and hotel details can be found at our Vacation Schedule site.

Xmas in Chicago was great. We had a 'day of fun' downtown when we arrived. We were supposed to get in the night before, but because of an United employee's work to rule, the original flight was cancelled. Nevertheless we got there in time to visit the Bean and the Chicago Art Institute.

Christmas Eve and Christmas day were spent with Jennifer's family. Photos can be found by clicking here. These are only in rough form, and will be updated later as I build out the site.