Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Georgia's Christening

I have just returned from a very quick visit to the Christening of my Goddaughter Georgia Hunt. It was a great visit. I was a little apprehensive after the awful events of last week, but there was a good atmosphere in London. I took the day flight on Friday so was not too exhausted.

After lunch with my sister and Mother, I headed up to Isabel and Simon's for the afternoon and a BBQ. It was great ... I pigged out on burgers and sausages. I stayed in a farm house B&B, built in 1645.

Sunday was an early start with a full service at the Milton Stoney parish church. An incredible church, with a baptismal font in which Edward the Confessor was baptised. Georgia was incredibly good. In the afternoon I traveled down to Froxfield to stay with the Rosses at their new house. It is very cool. It was great to see the kids. Ivor is so much bigger, Lils and Matty were on good form. Monday was back to London, lunch with Mother and Father and then a return to the US. Nice thing was I got upgraded.